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Hunting for the Unicorn

HftU Lead Image

After a successful premiere at the Stockton International Riverside Festival this summer, Becki Parker and Vero Cendoya travel to Catalunya to perform Hunting for the Unicorn at FiraTàrrega.

Hunting for the Unicorn focuses on the theme of autism and the everlasting search for what makes each of us special and unique. Presenting two views of autism, Parker explores her journey as a person with autism with Cendoya responding and offering an added viewpoint. The two works are presented as a double bill in September at FiraTàrrega, offering audiences two distinct yet interlinked perspectives relating to autism.

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WIRED: On tour in 2018

This year George Williams will be taking his solo work 'WIRED' on tour! 

On the 19 and 20 May George will be performing at Norfolk & Norwich Festival. The following week on 26 and 27 May George will be taking his piece to Brighton to perform at Brighton Festival

Read more about George and his journey as a dancer by clicking here. 


From the comfort of his bedroom George forges connections to all that is special to him: Music, games, the world-wide web and more. At times a hive of activity, at others a sanctuary, George's bedroom is the centre of a world where even everyday objects can become a playground. The line between entertainment and distraction has never been so blurred. It’s hard to focus when you’re this wired.

Co-created and performed by George Williams, a dancer with a learning disability.